A thought to ponder

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

Weight Management is the adoption of healthful and sustainable eating and exercise behaviors indicated for reduced disease risk and improved feelings of energy and well-being.

Note that there is no mention of weight loss or ideal weight….


Milk for sports nutrition?

If you are an athlete or have been to a gym in the last 10 years…



people consuming dairy based pre or post work out drinks is a fairly common site. Weather this is having positive or negative effects, I  will let you decide. While you think about it, here is a link to an article on the Vibrance Nutrition Page (www.vibrancenutrition.com) where Aimee Gallo (owner of vibrance nutrition) explains some facts about milk and the reality of what it can do to our bodies. I especially like her analogy of how our bodies are like high end performance sports cars.


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