Are you being tricked by your Juice?

Are you being tricked by your Juice?

Walking through your average grocery store juice isle can be a bit overwhelming and misleading. “All Natural and  100% juice,” are among some of the most misleading in my opinion and as it turns out the FDA has no regulations as to what these labels actually represent.

Orange Juice is probably the easiest to relate to. Most orange juice that comes in a bottle or carton has been pasteurized or taken through a similar process to prolong shelf life. This process not only changes or completely depletes the juice of taste but it also removes almost all of the nutritional content. To make the juice taste like orange juice again, the juice companies engineer flavor packs that are added to the juice to make it taste “natural and fresh squeezed”

In essence, when we consume a “food like product” such as orange juice, we are not truly getting what we paid for. Instead we are consuming a product that has been engineered to resemble the product it is claiming to be.

here are a few articles that I found helpful when researching juice myths 😉


Dr Mercola on feminine care and it’s potential effects

Dr Mercola on feminine care and it’s potential effects

It’s not every day that I find myself pondering feminine care products and you may be wondering why I am blogging about feminine care products. If you can, take a few minutes to watch Dr. Mercola’s video on feminine care products and you might understand. Please pass this information on to any one that you love are care about. 


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Milk for sports nutrition?

If you are an athlete or have been to a gym in the last 10 years…



people consuming dairy based pre or post work out drinks is a fairly common site. Weather this is having positive or negative effects, I  will let you decide. While you think about it, here is a link to an article on the Vibrance Nutrition Page ( where Aimee Gallo (owner of vibrance nutrition) explains some facts about milk and the reality of what it can do to our bodies. I especially like her analogy of how our bodies are like high end performance sports cars.


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Our First Raised Bed!!!!!!!

Luckily we were able to talk Mom and Dad into letting us install a raised bed in their backyard.

Here are a few photos of the process.

We went with a 3×6′ redwood box with 4×4″corner posts as our support


frame assembled and bug net tubing installed


A little mesh wire to keep the ground critters from coming from underneath


a quick puppy Photo shoot…


Some holes to keep it from  moving around


making it level


Seeds Planted.. More pics to come as our future food begins to grow


the power of a puppy….

el morenito



i took these cute little guys to see our neighbor and super talented artist and she said “thats the best thing that has happened to me all week” it got me thinking about how powerful these cute little things can be. It’s a shame that in less than a year they will be feared by many just because of their race…. let’s educate!!!!