Our First Raised Bed!!!!!!!

Luckily we were able to talk Mom and Dad into letting us install a raised bed in their backyard.

Here are a few photos of the process.

We went with a 3×6′ redwood box with 4×4″corner posts as our support


frame assembled and bug net tubing installed


A little mesh wire to keep the ground critters from coming from underneath


a quick puppy Photo shoot…


Some holes to keep it from  moving around


making it level


Seeds Planted.. More pics to come as our future food begins to grow



the power of a puppy….

el morenito



i took these cute little guys to see our neighbor and super talented artist http://www.katyhelen.com and she said “thats the best thing that has happened to me all week” it got me thinking about how powerful these cute little things can be. It’s a shame that in less than a year they will be feared by many just because of their race…. let’s educate!!!!

Wild edibles expert!!!!

this is a lecture by Sergei Boutenko (http://sergeiboutenko.com). I have spent many hours checking out his work. He has a pretty cool story about how he and his family got into the natural foods and wellness. He is also undertaking some very cool projects including Powered by Green Smoothies. Check out his site and enjoy the abundance of free knowledge.

Interview with Danny Collier

great smoothie and interview

My Plant-Based Family

I can’t share many details of the contest yet but I can share this interview with Danny Collier.


Danny is a Plant-Based Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Creator of Simplicity Fitness, speaker and model. You can find out more about him at his website Simplicity Fitness or follow him on Facebook.

Your website says you are a “Holistic Health and Fitness Coach” but what does that mean?

When most people think about fitness, they think about working out and exercising the body.  I focus on the whole person – body, mind and heart and I’ve developed a health and fitness program called Simplicity Fitness around that philosophy.  The guiding principles of Simplicity Fitness are as follows:

Clean Nutrition Whole foods that promote alkalinity and decrease inflammation.

Functional Fitness An integrated approach to maximizing your fitness capabilities emphasizing balance, flexibility and strength in all planes of motion to achieve a…

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Green Smoothies!!!!

Are something that we have started doing and I have personally already begun to notice the benefits. I make one Vitamix Full of Green Goodness in the morning, Send some with Arianna and Spend the first half of the day drinking that. I feel alert, energized and excited to see what else is to come of this green smoothie adventure.

Here is a cool site that has some easy to digest info and recipes (http://simplegreensmoothies.com/what-are-green-smoothies